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Aventine Hill Partners acquires Accretive Solutions in San Antonio

Aventine Hill Partners announced today that they have acquired the San Antonio office of Accretive Solutions. Beth Hair, President of Aventine Hill Partners, stated "We are so pleased to combine the consulting teams of the two firms, known for excellence, quality and service. The business models, services, and teams are highly complementary and synergistic. As a result of this transaction we will be able to serve a wider array of needs for our clients." The acquisition will be effective as of March 5th, 2012, and will result in Aventine Hill Partners having a larger client and consulting base in San Antonio.

Accretive Solutions CEO Richard Moran stated "We sought a strategic buyer for this office who has a similar business philosophy, is committed to quality, and understands the critical role of their consultants."

The Accretive Solutions San Antonio office was founded in 2005 and has built a track record of quality and service. Aventine Hill has a similar consulting footprint to Accretive Solutions, with a focus on Finance & Accounting; CFO Services; Governance, Risk, & Compliance; and Process & Systems Improvement. "Our merger with Accretive Solutions San Antonio will create synergies that will further enhance our focus on exceptional value, uncompromising quality, and excellent service."

Beth Hair can be reached at or 210-745-4200 ext 4123.

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