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Accounting & Finance

Accounting and finance solutions designed to help your business grow

No company can consistently grow revenue and profits without strong Accounting & Finance functions. Quality accounting processes lead to the generation of accurate financial reports that gain and sustain the support of investors; provide critical information to help senior management make decisions; and satisfy your regulatory responsibilities. Effective finance processes ensure the cash and capital necessary to grow the business are available. Management of receivables, payables, and inventory help ensure the efficient use of your working capital.

Our services

Aventine Hill Partners helps companies realize the value of strong Accounting and Finance functions using the expertise of our experienced C-level Advisory staff and consultants.

  • If you are an early stage company, we can design and staff these functions, structuring them to be scalable and sustainable as your company grows.
  • If you are a mature company, we can help you improve the efficiency and accuracy of your existing processes; or, if you have outgrown your current capability, assist in designing and implementing new processes and reporting.
Additionally, our accounting and finance consultants are available on an interim basis to assist with special projects or fill in during busy times or employee absences. And, our Executive Search expertise can help you find and develop talent to join your permanent team.

SEC, Financial & Management Reporting

Accurate and timely reporting is a key component to any well-managed company. Aventine Hill Partners can help you generate high-quality internal and external reports, including for the SEC, while meeting strict deadlines. Read more.

Financial Analysis, Planning & Modeling

Accurately analyzing and forecasting the profitability of your company serves as a basis for effective business strategies and decision making.  Aventine Hill Partners can help you with financial analysis consulting, performing critical analysis of business performance, building better financial models, and improving your planning and budget processes. Read more.

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Implementing high quality management reporting and analytics requires a clear understanding of the data and metrics that drive your business, and the design of processes and systems that fit your IT strategy and budget. Aventine Hill Partners can help you identify the metrics to track; and optimize the tools your team uses to analyze data and provide actionable reports for making critical decisions. Read more.

Technical Accounting Consulting

When new accounting standards are issued or your company has a strategic event, it can be difficult to thoroughly analyze the new accounting requirements and determine the changes to be made. Aventine Hill Partners is your resource for Technical Accounting expertise and consulting. Read more.

Accounting Optimization

Even as accounting requirements become more complex, it is also critical that accounting departments operate cost effectively. Aventine Hill Partners can help improve the accuracy and efficiency of your accounting processes plus help design and staff an accounting function that fits your budget. Read more.

External Audit Preparation

Resolving known deficiencies or meeting auditor requests for documentation can consume a significant amount of time for already stressed accounting and finance resources. Aventine Hill Partners can help you with the sometimes overwhelming task of preparing for an external audit. Read more.

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