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Capital Project Administration

Services to help your business with its capital project administration to select the best projects and assure they deliver

Asset intensive companies require capital projects to create, maintain, and expand their capabilities. These projects can be extremely complex to estimate, evaluate, budget, and perform project cost accounting for.  Metrics need to be calculated and tracked in order to make sure that the project stays on plan from a deliverables, time, and cost perspective. Even for a company that consistently works on capital projects, pulling together all of the necessary project components can be a challenge.

Our services

We understand that well defined and well managed projects are important to maximizing your return on capital investments.

  • Our C-level Advisors and consultants help you create practical capital planning processes and project selection criteria. We can analyze the strategy, value, and cost estimates for specific projects where an independent analysis would better assure the project is worth investing in.
  • Our project accounting professionals can help you create and maintain your accounting policies and train your  accountants and operations personnel who will be preparing proposals and approving expenditures.
  • We have project management professionals with the experience to help you create accurate project timelines and budgets then decide what metrics you need to track over the lifetime of the project.
  • We can provide project accountants on an interim basis in an existing project accounting department dealing with high volumes of activity.
When it comes to capital projects, Aventine Hill Partners can provide you the outside expertise and project accounting professionals to get the job done.
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