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ERP Selection & Optimization

IT Consulting Services to help you identify the benefits of an ERP system and find the right one for your business

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can dramatically improve your company’s operations and decision making. However, improper implementation and a lack of optimization to business processes can lead to a frustrating and costly outcome.

Will your company benefit from an ERP system?  What system should you choose that will provide you the most benefit and align with your business processes and strategy? If you currently have an ERP system, are you getting the all of the benefits that you want out of that system?

ERP selection and implementation represent a tremendous effort for any company so it is critical that you realize a strong return on your investment.

Our services

Aventine Hill Partners’ IT consulting services can help you answer the question of whether or not the benefits your company will receive from an ERP system will outweigh the costs and risks of implementation. We have an ERP selection process that identifies the systems that will be best for you, whether you are making your first jump away from QuickBooks, or are larger and may have multiple systems from acquisitions that you want to consolidate to one global scale ERP.

Our CIO Advisors and consultants are experienced with a wide variety of systems.  We understand how a new ERP can be the basis for redesigning your business processes; or, how to select a new one that will fit and complement your existing business processes. We provide you with a non-biased analysis of these systems because Aventine Hill Partners is not a software vendor, reseller, or system integrator.

Do you have an ERP system in place that you feel is not meeting all of your business requirements but do not want to undertake replacing it? We can assess your business needs and develop a process and technology roadmap that maps out optimization and remediation plans for your existing system.

Once you have decided on your ERP roadmap, our project management and implementation support consultants can provide independent oversight and assistance during the implementation.

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