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Enterprise Risk Management

Identify and prioritize the risks to your enterprise so you can mitigate them cost effectively

Understanding the risks that your company faces is more important today than in the past. Markets are more complex and the pace of change is dramatically higher. What environmental factors may adversely affect your business? Are there any internal factors that need to be considered that could cause the business significant harm? Is it possible there are significant risks that your company has not even considered?

Enterprise risk management can provide tremendous value for companies large and small. With the right help, creating and implementing effective mitigation strategies is easier to achieve than you may suspect.

Our services

At Aventine Hill Partners, we have the experience and expertise to objectively review your company and the markets within which it operates. Our C-level Advisors and consultants help you identify the significant risks you face both internally and externally and prioritize them in a matrix.

  • We help you create cost effective strategies to manage the risks that you can control. 
  • We help you put in place effective contingency plans to mitigate the impacts of potential catastrophic events you do not control.
If you have a Risk Management or Internal Audit group, we can train them on our methodologies so you can maintain the risk plan internally going forward.  Or, we can provide ongoing support on a periodic and as-needed basis so you can avoid the cost of permanent employees.

Your organization works hard to maintain a competitive edge in its respective market or markets. Through risk consulting services, Aventine Hill Partners can help you reduce the chances of uncontrolled setbacks.


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