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Success Story - CIO Services to Enable Growth

Assessing IT capabilities and preparing for growth

Superior CIO Advisory services to drive successful IT outcomes.

An early stage midstream company was not comfortable that its IT capability was positioned to support the growth that its strategy would generate. An Aventine Hill Partners’ CIO Advisor was engaged to assess the current situation and help the management team understand the options it should consider.

Our Solution

Because the company was early stage, the on-site assessment work was performed over two days and consisted of interviews with key business users and an extended discussion with the company’s one IT employee and a support vendor. Analysis of the information gathered allowed the CIO Advisor to create:

  • A model identifying the major functions that would require software support as the company grew and which areas should be prioritized first
  • Discussion of the trade-offs between on-premise and software-as-a-service (SaaS) options and which will likely best fit the agreed priorities
  • An overview of IT spend to highlight where additional spend will be required to support growth
  • An overview of risks from the company’s current IT infrastructure approach and alternative approaches that could better support growth
  • Advice on governance and control issues, particularly were the company to consider going public
  • A description of the scenarios that would drive hiring of additional IT personnel; and what type of personnel would be the next hired


Aventine Hill Partners’ CIO Advisory services proved extremely beneficial. The company decided to make some changes in how much time leadership committed to overseeing IT and what mix of internal versus external resources would provide the best support. Leadership gained much more comfort that IT would be a support for their strategy rather than something to worry about. Learn more about our IT Strategy / Business Alignment services.

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