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Success Story - Improving Bank Processes

Redesigning check reconciliation processes

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As part of their daily operations, a privately owned community bank began experiencing inefficiencies in their reconciliations of official checks. They turned to the expertise of Aventine Hill Partners to devise a new reconciliation process improving efficiency and accuracy.

Our Solution

Utilizing our banking consultant with extensive knowledge of check reconciliation processes, we conducted a thorough review of the existing process highlighting weaknesses in both the process itself and how it was being executed. After recommendations were reviewed with bank leadership, we designed a new, ongoing process for reconciling checks, which included preparation, review, documentation, and retention. Lastly, we developed and executed the implementation plan for the new process. After the implementation, the bank realized extensive improvements in their official check reconciling capabilities.


Aventine Hill Partners provided a practical and effective reconciliation solution while keeping within strict budget constraints leading to long-lasting improvements in the operations of the bank. Learn more about our Business Process Improvement capabilities.

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