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Success Story - Partnership Financial Planning

Driving growth and continuity for a successful legal partnership

Superior CFO advisory services resulting in successful financial outcomes

An established law firm had become more complex as it had grown. Its CPA firm identified an opportunity to improve financial and tax planning. The firm did not have a CFO so the CPA firm recommended Aventine Hill Partners assist the partners in refreshing their financial and estate plans.

Our Solution

One of our CFO Advisors was provided to the law firm to assess the situation and recommend updates to the partners' plans. The first challenge was to adequately understand the scope of assets that were involved.

The partners had related ownership and investments in ranches, real estate, vehicle rental operators, and entertainment enterprises. Analyzing the complete list of assets resulted in detailed actions to bring the financial plan up to date. Financial models were prepared to analyze the impacts of succession plans and scenarios.

Last, the law firm was seeking additional financing for continued expansion plans. Our CFO Advisor analyzed the current line of credit and determined that additional credit should be accessible given the value of off balance sheet assets. By preparing more up to date and thorough financial reporting for the bank, a doubling of the line of credit was successfully negotiated.


Through the assistance of an experienced CFO Advisor, the partners in this law firm are able to confidently pursue expansion plans. And, they have succession plans in place to assure continuity and stability for the firm they built when they retire.

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