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Success Story - Non-Profit Training Curriculum

Defining a Training Curriculum and creating specialized courses

Superior Organization Development consulting delivering successful training programs

A foundation that provides services and support to other non-profits desired to refresh and expand the training it offered to its clients. They sought expertise in Human Resources, Leadership, and Employee Development to create courses tailored to the requirements of non-profits. The foundation came to Aventine Hill Partners for help.

Our Solution

We provided a consultant with a PhD in Organizational Leadership and an MBA in HR and Organization Development to assess the current situation and recommend options for expanding the curriculum.

Our consultant collaborated with the Manager of Training and Support and the Vice President of Grants and Services to understand the needs of the foundation's clients and what continuing education would provide the most value. A critical success factor was how to make the training practical and actionable in non-profit settings that rely on people who volunteer their time. The initial needs were detailed into proposed courses for:

  • Human Resource Issues for Non-Profits
  • Mastering Supervisory Skills and Techniques
  • Training and Development of Employees and Volunteers
  • Delegation and Communication
  • Supervision and Developing Employee Performance

The training courses were developed based on common organization development and adult learning concepts, but adapted to the audiences that existed in non-profit organizations. The courses were presented to and approved by non-profit leadership, and are delivered on a continuous schedule.


With the assistance of an Aventine Hill Partners, this non-profit was able to implement highly specialized training for its clients in a way that was cost effective and sustainable. The leadership team had access to Organization Development expertise that previously would have been viewed as an inaccessible luxury for their clients. The ability of the foundation to achieve its mission of helping other, smaller non-profits was strengthened.

Learn how our organization development and change management capabilities can complement our System Implementation Support services.

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