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Success Story - Part-time CFO for Joint Ventures

Leading joint venture accounting for E&P

Superior CFO Advisory services delivering leadership and expertise cost effectively

An exploration and production company participated in multiple joint ventures along side its wholly owned operations. They desired help in overseeing the financial aspects of their joint ventures without requiring a full-time senior-level employee to oversee joint venture accounting. They turned to Aventine Hill Partners for assistance.

Our Solution

We provided a CFO Advisor with deep experience in E&P companies and joint venture accounting to supplement the CFO and Controller for the company. Our Advisor took on accounting and finance oversight for the JVs assuring that policies, processes, and reporting were in place to meet the needs of company management and financial reporting for the publicly-traded parent.

Existing company staff performed the transaction processing. Our CFO Advisor performed monthly detailed analysis of results and oversaw the generation of financial statements.


This company was able to utilize the strong leadership and expertise that their size and complexity required on a part-time basis, achieving a more flexible and cost effective solution. Learn more about our CFO Advisory services.

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