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Business Metrics & Analytics

Our business metrics and analytics services can help you find the blend of technology and process that fits with your company

How satisfied are you with the management reports your company or department generates and the metrics that are being tracked? Do you have difficulties generating accurate financial analysis reports in a timely manner without stressing existing resources? It may not be readily apparent to the senior management who receive these reports, but most reporting departments struggle with issues that affect the accuracy of the reports they generate. These issues could range from inadequate processes for how data around certain metrics are tracked to issues retrieving and handling the proper data from systems. Aventine Hill Partners can show you the path toward optimizing management reporting systems and maintaining that optimization as your business grows or changes.

Our services

Our approach is conceptually simple:

  • Identify the decisions that are required to operate the business
  • Identify the metrics that will inform those decisions
  • Define and implement an optimal blend of technology and process to have efficient management reporting.

Our financial analysis consultants and CFO Advisors can help with with articulating the required decisions and metrics because they have held leadership and technical accounting positions in a wide range of industries. Their expertise will accelerate your ability to achieve your company's goals and provide insights into your business that can simplify your requirements.

Our business and technology consultants and CIO Advisors are familiar with mulitple ERP and reporting tools from their industry experience and from work supporting our clients.  Their expertise will help you make decisions about whether and how to invest in specific tools to automate the collection, gathering, reporting of the metrics, including the definition of dashboard reporting.

Are you in the middle of an existing project to improve reporting and analytics and need pinpoint staff with specific expertise? Aventine Hill Partners team members can help on a  consulting or interim basis.

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