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Business & Technology

Our team of advisors and consultants are here to help you grow your business and realize value from your technology investments

Modern businesses combine strategy, people, processes, and technology to achieve their growth and profitability goals. As competition and business complexity increase, success becomes more dependent on the ability of companies to change and adopt new methods and technology. It can be challenging to define and implement solutions that are a fit with your budget, culture, and goals. 

Our services 

Aventine Hill Partners understands this challenge and has a team of C-level Advisors and consultants with the right experience and expertise to assist you in growing your business.  From strategy, business processes, and technology to project management, change management, and complex transactions, Aventine Hill Partners has the capacity and flexibility to help you build a profitable future.

Business Strategy / Growth

When a company is not meeting expectations sometimes an objective look by outside experts can help it get back on track. If your company is not performing as well as you would like it, we can help. Read more

IT Strategy / Business Alignment

Matching IT strategy with business goals is a challenge for any company. Aventine Hill Partners can provide an IT strategy review to help you rise to this challenge and devise effective roadmaps and strategies. Read more

M&A Transaction Due Diligence

Is your company considering a merger or acquisition? Our C-level Advisors and consultants can help you perform the due diligence to make an educated decision on whether to pursue the deal. Read more

M&A Transaction Support

Mergers and acquisitions are tremendous decisions and undertakings for all companies regardless of size. Planning, management, and post transaction integration are difficult tasks. Aventine Hill Partners can help. Read more

Business Process Improvement

Profitable companies tend to be highly flexible and adaptive to their markets while operating efficiently. Business processes are the foundation of efficient operation. Aventine Hill Partners can help you optimize how your company operates. Read more

Process & Technology Roadmaps

Do you have a department or function that you want to transform with technology? We can create your path for making investments in IT with practical business and technology roadmaps scaled to your goals and budget. Read more

ERP Selection & Optimization

In order to bring a full range of benefits to a business, an ERP system must be properly selected, configured, and optimized for your business processes. Implementation is often not easy and can be frustrating and costly. Aventine Hill Partners can help you avoid the pitfalls surrounding ERP projects. Read more

System Implementation Support

Regardless of size, any system implementation can be a difficult project to complete. There are many key decisions plus highly detailed tasks to assure your system is ready and meets your needs. We can help you successfully complete your implementation projects so you realize value for your investment. Read more

Program / Portfolio / Project Management

Effective internal project management is important to any company. From establishing methodology and infrastructure to managing and maintaining business technology to providing project managers to supplement your team, we have the expertise to help. Read more

Capital Project Administration

Large, capital projects can provide tremendous benefits to grow your business. They also consume significant cash from operations or require financing arrangements that impact your balance sheet. Aventine Hill Partners has the expertise to show you how to make your capital projects a success. Read more
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