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System Implementation Support

Services to reduce the risks of moving to a new system and save you time and money

Ask management from nearly any company that has gone through a major systems implementation how the process went and they will most likely tell you that it was cumbersome, costly, and consumed more time than expected. Whether it is the implementation of a financial reporting tool or a full ERP system, system implementations can be complex and expensive projects.

Our services

No matter where you are in the process, Aventine Hill Partners can help you through these difficult projects with our system implementation services. Our consultants can show you effective methods for change management, document existing processes prior to implementation to aid with planning, optimize process flow with new systems during and after the implementation, set up an effective process for testing, and help you conduct training programs for your employees. Supported by our experienced CIO Advisors, our team members have worked on or managed all types of implementation projects.

  • Are you satisfied with your implementation plan and need staff to manage the project for you? We can provide experienced project managers who can get the job done under your guidance.
  • Do you have the project under control and need professionals with specific software or process experience to assist with a certain aspect of your implementation? Through our Project and Interim Solutions services, we can provide implementation professionals who can perform a wide variety of tasks from organizing and converting data to the new system to providing a helping hand with process documentation or training.

Managing process change

A sometimes overlooked aspect of system implementations is the successful integration of the system into day-to-day business processes. Business processes must be aligned with the system’s capabilities and user interfaces for the system to perform correctly.

  • Prior to or during an implementation, we can review relevant business processes and identify areas where employee roles will change significantly.
  • Complemented by our business process improvement services, we can assist you in defining the organization, job description, and training changes required to assure employees are ready to adopt the new processes.

Post-implementation services

After an implementation, we can assess the capabilities and results you achieved to determine what gaps may remain. Scope is often deferred to "phase 2" to stay on schedule. Business leaders are sometimes cynical about follow-on improvements ever being implemented. We can help your IT department implement a simple enhancement prioritization process; a more structured continuous improvement monthly/quarterly release process; or develop a full process and technology roadmap.

Success Stories

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