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Success Story - Investment Portfolio Controls & Auditing

Resolving control and compliance issues

Interim and project professionals you can rely on to get the job done.

While reviewing accounting and investment policies for their $1 billion investment portfolio, a privately held insurance company discovered they were facing control and compliance issues and needed help resolving them. They turned to Aventine Hill Partners.

Our Solution

Because of our expertise in Risk and Compliance, our interim solutions team quickly provided an audit professional experienced in auditing the policies surrounding large investment portfolios. Our consultant stepped in and reviewed the controls to identify areas to focus testing on. Testing was then performed to confirm the effectiveness of the controls and identify areas of weakness. Once these areas were identified and documented, our professional provided cost effective recommendations for improvements and helped formulate plans for remediation.


Thanks to assistance from Aventine Hill Partners, this company was able to quickly identify and effectively correct potentially costly issues surrounding their large investment portfolio.  Learn more about our Internal Audit Advisory and Support capabilities.

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