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Success Story - CFO Services to Enable Growth

Helping resolve finance and accounting issues to enable growth

Superior CFO Advisory services for successful accounting and finance solutions

An electrical contractor through the course of business identified a number of key issues with their finance and accounting function. They had difficulty generating financial reports and inconsistencies in their General Ledger. The growth of the company was at risk. Aventine Hill Partners was chosen to provide an overall solution using our C-level Advisory services.

Our Solution

A highly experienced CFO Advisor began collaborating with the owner to understand company operations. Next, an analysis of the general ledger was performed to see where inconsistencies existed that prevented accurate financial reporting and analysis. We cleaned up the ledger laying the foundation for an efficient and accurate financial reporting process.

Our CFO Advisor then defined new financial reports, created a repeatable, efficient reporting process, and trained existing staff. This provided a sustainable solution to the previous reporting issues the company was having.

Our CFO Advisor recognized several other opportunities to make important improvements. A Work in Progress Schedule and a financial forecast were created. 

With financial reporting stabilized and effective, our CFO Advisor performed an auction with five banks to replace a prior credit union relationship with a commercial line of credit. The new financing provided greater working capital flexibility and better supported the company's growth opportunities.


By having access to a highly experienced CFO, the owner of this company received insight and guidance regarding financial management and operations. The enhancements to the finance and accounting function both improved the owner's understanding of business results and enabled growth. The new banking relationship provided better working capital management.

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