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Success Story - Improving Accounting Processes

Simplifying financial accounting and reporting processes

Superior consulting services delivering successful accounting and reporting solutions.

A privately held company providing maintenance services was having difficulties due to key issues in their financial accounting and reporting processes. The accounting team was stretched and not available to take on any wide-scale process improvements. The company chose Aventine Hill Partners to streamline their accounting and reporting operations.

Our Solution

Using one of our experienced accounting and finance consultants, we assessed the existing processes from basic record keeping of detailed accounts to periodic reports for management. After reviewing and prioritizing the weaknesses, we recommended and implemented quick, critical improvements that would make the most significant positive effects for company management and the employees performing the work. Several longstanding issues between the company, its CPA firm, and its bank were fully resolved, improving these important relationships. To help the company continue to improve, we created a roadmap of specific items that needed to be addressed over the next twelve months.


Aventine Hill Partners helped this privately held company improve critical accounting and reporting processes, giving them the efficiency they needed to handle sustained growth. Learn more about our Business Process Improvement capabilities.

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