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Success Story - Budgeting / Forecasting / Reporting

Quickly creating new budget, forecast, and financial statement packages

Superior consulting services delivering successful accounting and finance solutions

When a privately held industrial services company was acquired by a private equity firm, new reporting and planning requirements were placed on the Accounting and Finance team. The company needed to quickly produce a detailed budget and forecast as well as put together formal financial statement packages. They turned to Aventine Hill Partners for help.

Our Solution

We first approached the most critical issue, which was the budget. The acquiring firm needed one immediately and no formal model or methodology was in place. Our financial analysis consultant worked with the Chief Financial Officers of both companies to create an initial 12-month budget that met the new parent company’s requirements. A new budget process and repeatable methodology was recommended and implemented.

The next issue was to generate a forecast. Our consultant built from scratch two new models to generate accurate cash and profit and loss forecasts. Both models were automated to reduce manual inputs and tied into an interface with the company’s accounting software.

Next, the company needed to produce financial statement packages consisting of a balance sheet and profit and loss statement comparing actuals to prior year, budget, and forecast. Our consultant created a new model that interfaced with the accounting system and the budget and forecast models. This model was highly automated to virtually eliminate manual entries and adjustments.


With help from Aventine Hill Partners, this company was able to quickly and accurately meet all of the new planning and reporting requirements that were placed on it. And, it implemented flexible, sustainable models and processes so it could continue to meet these requirements in the future. Learn more about our Financial Analysis, Planning, and Modeling services.

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