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Success Story - CIO Services for IT Strategy Roadmap

Assessing and recommending an IT strategy that informs business decision-makers

Superior CIO Advisory services to drive successful IT outcomes

A privately held manufacturer was not satisfied that it was achieving the best results from its investments in IT. It sought assistance to create a three-year roadmap to guide its direction and help its management team be more confident in making IT investment decisions.

Our Solution

An Aventine Hill Partners’ CIO Advisor supported by one of our IT Consultants was engaged to perform a thorough assessment of where the business was heading, options for how IT could support the business, recommend a three year road map, and recommend an IT organization design to support the roadmap.

This top-to-bottom review utilized a number of services from the Aventine Hill Partners’ IT Strategy playbook.

  • Interview tools unique to Aventine Hill Partners were utilized to measure the level of strategic and cultural alignment between business leaders and the IT organization and services. Discussion of the results drove a more clear articulation of the strategic business requirements that should guide IT priorities.
  • The software application portfolio was assessed to identify opportunities, risks, costs, and trade-offs that should guide specific IT investments and savings opportunities. A key goal was to identify the urgent and highest value opportunities that should be prioritized earlier in the three-year roadmap.
  • The IT organization and services were reviewed and assessed on a capability maturity model scale. More importantly, target maturity levels at one and three years were set for major IT functions.
  • The IT budget was analyzed over a five year period to articulate how past decisions had driven current costs; and how cost should be weighted as a factor in making investment decisions for the next three years.


As a result of our CIO Advisory services, the client received a scenario-based three-year roadmap where they had flexibility to slow down or accelerate their investment levels based on events. The management team felt more confident in managing IT’s role within the organization and the type of leaders needed in its IT function. Aventine Hill Partners assisted in selecting leaders for new IT roles in the recommended IT organization design. A year later, the client provided feedback that they continued to feel confident in how IT was operating as part of the company.

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