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Success Story - HR/Payroll Roadmap

Assessing technology options for optimum performance

Superior consulting services delivering successful business process improvement.

A manufacturer with more than 1500 employees was running payroll internally on an aging software application that was scheduled to lose support from the vendor. The company was considering upgrading the software but wanted to assess other options. Aventine Hill Partners was engaged to assist the HR, CFO, and IT organizations in evaluating alternatives and selecting the best path forward.

Our Solution

Our CIO Advisor laid out a plan that created three distinct decisions for the client to make to assure that the best outcome could be achieved. First, was to define a longer term Vision for how the company desired its major HR processes to produce value for the company. These were prioritized so that options that did not meet minimum requirements could be quickly eliminated.

Next, a high-level requirements package was created and shared with vendors who had software or services to support the HR/Payroll Vision. The mix of vendors included HR/Payroll outsource companies, the company’s current ERP vendor, best-of-breed on-premise software; and best-of-breed software-as-a-service (SaaS). Collaborative workshops were conducted with the vendors with a goal of determining which model (in-source/out-source, on-premise/SaaS) was the best fit. Selecting the operating model was the second critical decision.

The last decision consisted of evaluating the best vendor to support the long-term Vision based on the desired operating model. The key factors were the specific capabilities of the solution, the vendor’s stability, the ongoing support model, the implementation approach, and of course, cost. Two acceptable options were identified and analyzed. As expected, each option had strengths and weaknesses in terms of meeting specific details of the long term Vision, resulting in slightly different roadmaps and ultimate value. But, with two viable roadmaps articulated, the client was able to negotiate confidently and aggressively for the best pricing on each roadmap.


The client was able to make a fully-informed decision on which HR/Payroll roadmap had the better cost/benefit impact. And, because of the facilitated process used by our CIO Advisor, there was buy-in from all major stakeholders on the choice. Learn more about our Process and Technology Roadmap capabilities.

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